Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer harvest 2015; container gardening

"Eight Ball" Zucchini
I do believe plants do better grown in the ground if possible; however, My garden is small and I grow my veggies in raised beds or containers.  Why?  Poor soil, limited space, for better control, those kinds of things.  Here's the best of the 2015 summer garden, grown from seed, at Paz Casita.  These are Eight Ball Zucchini and Little Price Eggplant.  Both varieties purchased from Renee's Garden online; both varieties are great for container gardening.  As you can see, success!

Eight Ball Zucchini  These round-shaped zucchini are firm and have excellent flavor.  I have had great success in cooking them on the grill, marinated in Italian dressing; frying them after dusting with flour (I used Mochiko sweet rice flour) and then dipping in an egg batter; and also grated for zucchini bread.  Next I'll be putting up some zucchini relish.  Must say that I still have a whole refrigerator drawer full of zucchini; they just keep coming.

Little Prince Eggplant  It's mid-August and the fruit of this eggplant variety are now setting.  Pictured are two plants in a container purchased from Home Depot, which measures about 24" x 30" and about 14" deep.  There are lots of blossoms and I'm thinking there will be a bountiful harvest to come.  These eggplant are supposed to  reach about 3" in size; so far, mine are about 1-1/2".  I'm leaving them hanging to see how large they will grow before becoming too seedy