Friday, January 25, 2013

 Kale (Winterbor variety) seedlings in the garden, next to green onions and garlic.  Temps continue to be cold, which is said to benefit kale, the colder the better to keep bitterness away.  What to do with kale?  I use mine to make Green Smoothies, a healthful drink made with yogurt, bananas, pineapple and kale (or spinach), all blended together; sweet and yummy, like a milkshake.  This is true!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Garlic 'n green onion

Garlic and green onions; planted late December 2012
Itching to get back to gardening despite that it's winter.   I visited the local nursery and had hoped to bring home a variety of herbs, but offerings are limited this time of year.  I was especially looking for parsley, cilantro, lemon thyme and sage.  Still, there were garlic and green onion seedlings available and so I picked up a couple of six paks.  I passed on lettuces and bak choi;  we're not big salad eaters and my picked lettuce gets wilty so quickly anyway.  I do enjoy growing green onions and have had good success with those.  Never have grown garlic before, but want to give it a go and see what happens.  As always, I bought a pak of Johnny Jump Ups, my favorite little flower, to set in among the herbs and such.
Wintertime at the Casita; on the lookout
January 2013; Happy New Year.  Frosty outside, but not frozen.  Little gnome friend, looking over the garden in the back.