Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's tomato time!

Here they are, heirloom tomatoes of the Marglobe variety, fresh from my garden.  My tomatoes grew small, measuring only 2" to 3" in diameter.  Aside from planting the seedling, purchased from the local nursery, and staking it early on, I did very little maintenance.  I was lucky in that there were no problems with hornworms or other kinds, and the plant has remained healthy and disease free.  From Wikipedia, I have copied the following information:

  • "The Marglobe tomato was developed in 1917 by Frederick J. Pritchard of the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Experiment Station by crossing the Globe and Marvel tomatoes ("Marglobe" is a fusion of the two names). It was publicly released by the USDA in 1925, and was one of the first disease-resistant strains that also had a good resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt.[1] The Marglobe tomato is the parent of many tomato varieties, such as Rutgers."

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