Monday, April 9, 2012

Calendula officinalis...

Calendula officinalis.  These are the easiest, most delightful plants to grow.  I have had outstanding success growing Calendula from seed, as well as from transplants bought at the nursery.  I started collecting and drying the flowers as soon as my plants began to bloom.  Picking flowers encourages the plants to continue blooming instead of going to seed.  After picking the flowers, I allow them to dry completely, then separate the dried petals and place them in a nice jar, tucked away from bright lights to preserve their rich orange color.  My first batch of Calendula oil is currently in the making. The petals are steeping in an olive oil base; one part dried petals to two parts olive oil.  The warmth of the sun releases their colorful medicinal properties into the oil.  I will let this mixture steep for about two weeks.  My goal for this batch is to make a small supply of Calendula Salve for my medicine chest.

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  1. Calendula season has ended at Calico Quilter's Casita. From a small handful of plants, I was able to gather enough petals to make several batches of calendula oil, about one-half gallon's worth. Calendula oil is a premium ingredient in the making of natural skin balms and ointments.