Monday, April 9, 2012

Dream on...

View of back area of property

Well here it is, a panoramic shot of the back area of our yard which I am thinking of tearing up to make into a potager/kitchen garden.  Or maybe a serenity garden? a place with an inviting backyard structure?  Am I crazy?  Our yard is already landscaped, practically maintenance-free; that's the beauty of this property.  Right now we have a very wide expanse of lawn; not water-wise to be sure, given the off and on drought that plagues Southern California.  In the very back against the fence, see the dirt area?  That's where I putter.  I have a plan to create an herb garden on the slope.  That should be enough, but I dream of more...  Why oh why did I make that Herb Roasted Chicken?  It was so good, moist and delicious; I used rosemary, sage, thyme and parsley fresh from the garden.  I grow herbs in containers, but I dream of a kitchen/herb garden with raised beds, separated by walking paths, surrounded by a country fence.  Going out into the garden to pick fresh herbs for cooking is a heavenly thing to do.  I imagine myself out there in the sunshine.  Where we live, there is a homeowners' association; no livestock, e.g., chicken coops, etc.  Otherwise, I'd also consider putting in a small chicken coop.  Well, OK!  I have never picked up a real live chicken, but imagine!

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